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We provide Radiant in-floor heating systems for both your new construction and remodeling projects. We can provide services that include just the rough in of the tubing or complete boiler system that can also include your domestic hot water production. Systems can either be a floor warming application or designed for primary heating system. We offer multiple boiler solutions with natural gas, propane or electric heating elements. 



Logan Companies provides commercial mechanical installs on new construction and replacements. We work with multiple mechanical engineers and architects. We provide proper project management to ensure budgets and schedules are met. Our communications and project process ensures Logan Companies to be an invaluable asset to any general contractor. Our goal is to make your project run smoothly with no surprises and handle issues to completion keeping all parties informed and updated. 



We offer homeowners HVAC and Plumbing install and design. We understand that new construction and existing homeowner markets are a cost competitive market. Logan Companies can compete with other subcontractors and companies because of the added value we bring to the table with proper project management, design and trade knowledge. We eliminate issues installers face every day with improper sized and or installed HVAC and Plumbing systems. Call us today and explore the benefits of working with a skilled and experienced team.



Logan Companies is a great choice for your remodeling project. We are seasoned tradesmen with construction knowledge. We provide the foresight of what is causing existing issues and make sure you are not creating future issues that will impact your comfort after the remodel is complete. 



Logan Companies offers solutions for existing homeowners who need to replace their existing forced air or hot water boiler systems. We will measure your home and provide you with the proper solutions to match your budget, correct existing issues and save on your monthly utility bills. We offer financing and can find the most innovative systems to meet your demands. 



Ductless mini split systems are a great solution for many projects. In both commercial and residential buildings, they can be a cost-effective and extremely high efficient solution. Ductless systems are gaining more and more popularity every year. They are the most installed heating and cooling elements around the world and have proven to be one of the most efficient systems. 



Based on our experience and knowledge, we are able to provide an effective design and installation process to provide proper operating snow melt systems for commercial and residential projects. Residential snow melt systems can be a necessity in some cases but more often than not it's a luxury item. With a proper design and appropriate control system, we can meet your expectations while giving you the most cost-effective operating solutions. Call us today and schedule a consultation. 


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