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Why Spring Is the Perfect Time to Upgrade Your Furnace or Air Conditioning

As the chill of winter fades and before the summer heat hits, spring emerges as the ideal season to consider upgrading your home's heating and cooling systems. At Logan Companies, we understand the importance of efficient, reliable HVAC systems, and here’s why we believe spring is the best time for you to consider a new furnace or air conditioning unit.

1. Avoid the Rush

Spring is a shoulder season, which means HVAC professionals generally have fewer emergency calls compared to the peak seasons of summer and winter. This availability allows for more flexible scheduling for your installation and ensures that your new system can be set up without delay. Planning your upgrade in the spring ensures you're not caught in the summer rush or winter emergencies, leading to faster and more attentive service.

2. Test Under Mild Conditions

Installing a new system in spring allows you to test it under mild weather conditions. This is particularly useful for air conditioning units, as it gives you ample time to adjust settings and address any issues with the installation before the high demands of summer heat. For furnaces, spring tests ensure everything is in perfect working order for when you need it most.

3. Energy Efficiency Savings

Today’s HVAC systems are far more energy-efficient compared to older models. Upgrading during the spring allows you to enjoy reduced energy costs throughout the summer when air conditioning units work their hardest. These savings can be significant, offsetting the cost of your new system over time.

4. Improved Indoor Air Quality

Spring is an excellent time to address indoor air quality, especially with concerns about allergens such as pollen. A new HVAC system with advanced filtration features can significantly improve the air quality in your home, ensuring a healthier environment for you and your family.

5. Preparation for Extremes

By upgrading your air conditioning and heating systems in spring, you prepare your home for the temperature extremes of summer and winter. This proactive approach ensures you are never at the mercy of an old, failing system when you least want to deal with it.

6. Enhanced Home Comfort

A new HVAC system offers more than just heating and cooling; it enhances overall home comfort. Modern systems provide superior humidity control, quieter operation, and consistent temperatures throughout your home.

7. Long-term Peace of Mind

Spring installations allow you to address any concerns well ahead of time, providing peace of mind throughout the year. With Logan Companies, you also benefit from extended warranties and excellent after-sales support, ensuring your investment is protected.


Don’t wait for the peak seasons to think about your home comfort needs. Spring into action now and ensure your home is equipped with the best, most reliable HVAC systems available. Contact Logan Companies today to explore our range of energy-efficient furnaces and air conditioners, and take the first step towards a more comfortable, cost-effective home environment.

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